Tuesday, 11 June 2013

SALE "The All New Beginners Guide to Boogie and Blues Piano" DVD

Most people suspect that Fathers Day is some kind of cynical ploy on the part of commercial enterprises to extract hard earned cash from the diligent, hard working folk of the world. And who am I to differ?
We can announce that we are offering the critically acclaimed DVD The All New Beginners Guide To Boogie and Blues Piano at the splendid price of £15.00 (inc. p & p) - this is a saving of £7.50 from the RRP. To learn more, see clips and read press (and happy customer) reviews please follow this link. You too can play like Louis Vause and Seamus Beaghen. And so can your dads! . . . and mums! . . . and children!


The world will be a happier and joyful place. And so will you!